CCC Certification : Course of Computer Concepts

CCC Certification : Course of Computer Concepts

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This course is designed to impart knowledge at basic level in computers for common man. After Completing this course one can use the computer for basic purposes such as personal/business letters, searching information on the internet, handling e-mails, power point presentation.

Eligibility :Only elementary knowledge of english.

Duration : 80 Hrs :

Examinations are conducted by the DOEACC Society thrice in a year in January, May & September, on all India basis for theory and practicals. Government recoganised certificate is awarded by DOEACC on successful completion.

Award of Rapti Computers Certification :

The student will also be awarded suitable internal certification by Rapti Computers, based on internal evaluation, upon course completion.

Course Details :

>Introduction to computer

>Elements of word processing


>WWW and Web Browsers

>Making small Presentation

>Communication and collaboration

>Computer communication & internet

>Intro to GUI based OS

IT Essentials :PC Hardware and Software

Basic identification of basic hardware step by step computer Assembly Operating system ,laptop and Portable Device ,printer &scanner Network security Communication Skills .

Desktop Publishing

Introduction to window ,paint brush ,Coral Draw ,PageMaker.

Financial Accounting Using Tally

Accounting Basics Voucher Types &Entries ,Final Accounts Backup and Security Features.

C/C++ Programming

Data type Operator control statements Structures ,pointers File Handling Classes ,objects Inheritance Overloading Virtual Function Static Function Friend Function Template Exception handling .

C# Programming

Common Language Runtime Overloading , interfaces , Struct ,  Enums Exceptions handling, Database handling

Web Designing

Internet concepts ,HTML,DHTML, Java Script , Flash Photoshop .

ASP.Net With VB.Net

Web Server controls , Html classes and objects ,Server Objects session Cookies ASP Object Managing user Session Application data Interface VB.Net Coding.

ASP.Net With C#


Web Server controls ,HTML, classes and objects server object sections cookies ASP object Managing User Session and Application Data interface ,C# coding.


Jawa,Awt, Applets ,Event Handling ,JDBC RMI JSP Database, Beans, servlets.